Mr. Bill vs. The Stile Man

Episode 267 · January 14th, 2020 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

On this episode, Colin challenges Billy Griggs to Know A Pro. It was a mano a mano street fight. Guns, knives and clubs were allowed, but none were used. Billy breaks down his Grands winning main event. Grab a knee. He goes deep. We introduce Bones as our new time keeper and video man. Austin is promoted or demoted to sound effects, research and scribe. The Tangent Pro Am brings you race results from Sin City and the BSX down under. Lastly, we have a Harakiri Rendez-Vous with the band Crimson Storm. It was an Outrageous meeting.

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Band: Crimson Storm
EP: Outrageous
Song: Harakiri Rendez-Vous
Recorded and mixed at MetalArts Studio
Country: Italy/Spain
Label: Independent
More info:
Pau Correas - Vocals
Lögan Heads - Guitars
Aless Oppossed - Bass
Lorenzo Murineddu - Drums

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